A fresh start

This morning I humbly submit myself to a fresh start.

I resisted the temptation to type ‘another fresh start’, even though that’s what I’m thinking.

I’m joining a local Weight Watchers chapter as of 9.45am today. Yes, back to the typical lady-approach to losing weight. But you know what? It’s the only thing that works for me; that reward-support system, the idea of getting weighed in every week with others, the online resources, even an iPhone app with Weight Watchers – they seem much more web-savvy than Slimming World.

I’m going to commit to popping on here each morning and posting my thoughts. It helps me focus is all. No one is going to read it. If you do happen to stumble across my waffles, then welcome; I hope I won’t bore you to death. I just need somewhere to spill my thoughts each morning before I run.

And I am going to run each morning. Just 20 minutes. 25 if I’m feeling ambitious. I’m going to keep doing the weights that H has set for me.

So these are my new commitments:

  1. Joining Weight Watchers, and sticking to it 100% every day.
  2. Keeping this blog every morning before I run.
  3. Running 20 minutes every morning, rain or shine.
  4. Lifting weights every morning, rain or shine.

The blog might be thoughts and feelings, or it might be stream-of-consciousness nonsense, or it might even be a little bit of creative fiction just to stretch my brain muscles and keep me sane.

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2 Responses to A fresh start

  1. sugafixdolls says:

    Well done for taking a step in the positive direction… I have had so many ‘fresh start’ and for once this one is actually working!
    My friend and I are also on a journey to weight loss and ultimate health so feel free to pop by our blog for motivation/inspiration/venting etc. http://sugafixdolls.com
    All the best 🙂

    • antiprism says:

      Hello! Thanks for your comment; I wasn’t expecting anyone to be reading really : )
      Your blog is excellent, I’ll certainly be stopping by to see how you two are doing.
      All the best right back atcha.

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