Barometer Pants

One thing I meant to do last time I was doing well and focused was to take progress pics. I tend to find the normal ones a bit depressing; there you are with your belly hanging out and you can’t really tell from one photo to the next what difference you have made because the angle might change, or the lighting. So I hit upon this idea of ‘barometer pants’. Everyone has some clothes in their wardrobe that don’t quite fit; maybe they’ve never fit or maybe they just don’t fit lately. The goal is to try them on each week and take a picture, so that you have a physical confirmation of your progress. This works for me in a way that measuring never has. The numbers are meaningless to me, I’d rather see results with my clothes since that’s the main reason I am trying to lose weight – to look and feel better in my own skin. The number on the scales doesn’t always accurately represent the progress you have made in a week or a month, but the fit of your clothes won’t lie.

Plus I just think ‘barometer pants’ sounds funny : )

So here are my day one pics – the pants in question are a UK size 16 from Marks and Spencers (actually these are hand-me-downs from my mum! I’ve never been able to fit into them, even when I was 20lbs lighter than I am now, so they should last a while).

In other news: day one went well. I used all 35 of my daily points allowance, plus 4 of my weekly points. As my after-dinner treat, I had 50g of 70% dark chocolate dunked in coffee – my favourite. I do not feel deprived. The iPhone app and the online resources are excellent, and I already feel much more in control.

Days without incident*: 1

*meaning binging, overeating or other such nonsense

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