A cheeky weigh-in

It’s not something I plan to do regularly as it can be very misleading, but I allowed myself a cheeky little weigh-in on my own scales yesterday and today. This was literally just to check that things are headed in the right direction, and I can confirm that they are. I’m not going to record the weights here because one set of scales (mine) often bears no relation to another (the ones at my official weigh-in) and it would more than likely be meaningless. Suffice it to say that I am pleased with the direction, although I know that I am losing a lot of retained water at the moment – this always happens when I start a new diet, especially one so low in starchy carbohydrates. I was not having a good week prior to starting this endeavour, so I will have a lot of water to shift (as evidenced by my constant going to the loo for the last two days!!) I am drinking 2 litres of sugar-free cordial a day (plus caffeine-free coffee/tea) to keep myself hydrated and replace what I’m losing, so that’s something.

We popped out last night with some friends to the pub, and I had two medium sized lattes with what I can only assume was semi-skimmed milk. The Weight Watchers literature isn’t great at providing ‘generic’ values for things, but comparing the different brands (Costa, Starbucks etc) I reckon they were 3 points each, erring on the side of caution. I went over my daily allowance a bit yesterday, eating into my weekly points, but that’s what they are for. Also, I am earning about 7 extra points per day from running/weights, so I’m not worried. I had a good time, I felt like I was having a treat, and the scales clearly show that it wasn’t a problem.

Now off to run and then have a hearty breakfast – current favourite being a sort of ‘pancake’ made of eggs and Splenda, topped with fruit and maybe some sweetened cottage cheese. All rounded off with a nice red grapefruit (rapidly becoming one of my favourite snacks).

I’ll probably have to go shopping later to restock fruit/veg, but I guess that just means I’m doing something right!

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