Have given myself a morning off from running, mainly because my legs are still broken from Wednesday’s squats. I may go this afternoon, we shall see. I did my weights though; 6 sets of 6 each of pressups and tricep curls.

Everything went fine yesterday. I found this ‘light’ option stir fry sauce which is only 2 points for half a jar, and it made my dinner marvellously tasty and filling. I used 37 points yesterday (2 of those from my ‘weekly’ allowance) and that included 60g of my favourite treat: Peanut M&Ms. One thing I love about doing this diet is how it teaches you to relish every mouthful. Whereas I would normally hoover down a 185g bag of M&Ms in a matter of minutes, I made my 60g last as long as possible with my cup of milky coffee. It feels good.

I should add that last night was one of the more stressful of my life; battling to save my relationship with H until the early hours. Normally I would have been in the cupboard finishing off those M&Ms. Not this time.

Small victories.

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