The weekend is not your friend

The weekend is not your friend.

Why do I say this?

Pretty much because 85% of the time when I mess up with eating it happens at the weekend. Something triggers in my brain that because this is the end of the week, somehow I deserve a treat, something to make it special and different from all the other days. Trouble is, there are two days on the weekend. You start on Saturday; an extra bit of this, and little bit more of that… maybe you give yourself a ‘day off’ from exercise… and before you know it, you’re doing it on Sunday too, because the next day is Monday (I’m starting to sound like Rebecca Black, aren’t I?) and everyone hates the idea of Monday. In fact the thought of Monday is so depressing that when it arrives, and because you have broken your pattern for the last two days, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal to just carry on into Monday to make yourself feel better. Hey presto, your carefully planned diet is knackered for another week.

So how do you make the weekend ‘special’ without going off the rails?

The only way for me is to stick within the structure of the week, although the way the points system works allows you to do that *and* maybe have a little something extra within strict limits. Here’s what my ‘points tracker’ looks like this morning:

Weekly points

I haven’t eaten anything yet today, hence the first zero. 35 is the number of points I have been allocated per day; these should be used for normal meals and snacks. Most fruit and vegetables don’t have points associated with them, so you can eat those with abandon; the things you count are meats, dairy, bread (although I don’t eat any grains myself), potatoes, rice – all that sort of thing. The next figure is my weekly allowance, and these are used for the little extras you fancy each day. Maybe a bit of chocolate (my preference) or a croissant if that’s your fix. You get 49 of those each week, to be divided between the days as you see fit. You can save them all up for one day (e.g. a special occasion) or portion them out over the week as I choose to do. The ‘activity’ points are extras I have earned from running and doing weights. If I run out of weekly points, I can eat (literally) into those without spoiling the balance of the plan.

I have been careful with my weekly points so far, making sure I have my evening treat (peanut M&Ms, yum) but not using them all up. The points reset on Tuesday morning, so I know I have 10 extra points per day until then. I might use 20 today and 5 each on Sun/Mon, or I might use none at all.

Anyway, this waffle is mainly for me to go over this in my head, so I make no apologies for being tedious.

I’m off for a run!

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