Oops : )

I didn’t blog this morning; naughty me!

It’s been a lovely, languorous day. Still got in my run and weightlifting duties, but spent the rest of the time applying for jobs and catching up on some films from last year.

I was so busy chilling, I sort of forgot about lunch and ended up having some yoghurt and blueberries mid-afternoon instead. Dinner was a self-concocted bolognese with rocket salad and a bit of cottage cheese; my after-dinner treat (which cannot be had before 8pm, them’s the rules) was 130g of peanut M&Ms and 50g of dark chocolate with a milky coffee. My biggest treat of the week so far, and most enjoyable too. All the more so for being completely legitimate. I still have 12 weekly points left to use tomorrow before they reset on Tuesday morning, and I haven’t even touched the 35+ points I’ve earned by running and weightlifting.

All in all, a very successful weekend, and I am very pleased with how the first week of my Weight Watchers diet has worked out.

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