Who dares, slims

Weekly trackerSo here’s a screenshot of my week on the Weight Watchers plan. As you can see, I haven’t quite used up all my weekly points (12 remaining, and those will disappear tomorrow morning when it resets for the week) and I haven’t eaten into the considerable amount of points I have earned from running and/or lifting weights every day. I’m quite proud actually, this is the first week I can remember where I have done all the exercise I was supposed to do and it hasn’t been a chore. To me, if there’s a framework for my eating, the exercise has a purpose. If all I’m doing is running to keep up with my binge-eating (which is what happens normally) then it seems almost pointless.

Weigh-in day tomorrow. I’m fairly confident I’ve done okay, although you can never know for certain until you get on those scales. If it’s a good loss, I have to be careful not to expect it every week and get disillusioned. I was carrying a lot of water from the binging I did last week, and all of that will have disappeared quickly. I know I have changed shape though, and that’s the most important thing. I might pick out a top tomorrow I can use for progress pics. I’m hoping my bust will reduce significantly through all this. I’ve always resented having big boobs.

Right. That’s it for this week. Back tomorrow with news from the scales…

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