A (revised) plan

Another quick post – it occurred to me that this will go better if I am working toward a mini-goal at any given time, rather than staring at the enormity of the full amount of weight I have to lose. Makes sense to me to make it half-stone (7lb) goals, like biting off chunks rather than stuffing the whole load in at once.

Happily that means I should hit my first goal next week, unless something goes badly wrong! At Weight Watchers you get a little shiny sticker every half-stone loss, so that makes it even better.

  1. 209lbs
  2. 202lbs
  3. 195lbs
  4. 188lbs
  5. 181lbs
  6. 174lbs
  7. 167lbs
  8. 160lbs
  9. 153lbs
  10. TARGET – 146lbs (10st 6lbs)

Okay – no more posts today, I swear!

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One Response to A (revised) plan

  1. sugafixdolls says:

    Hey! we have just started a 21 day challenge (because that’s how long it takes to make/break any habit). Just thought you might me interested in doing this with us as you have similar goals to us! well, the post is up at http://wp.me/p1wuzb-6Y

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