Pre-run waffles

Not the literal kind, mind you (more’s the pity!) Mmm, waffles. Actually, that reminds me… I’ve been having such a strong urge to see the sea lately. It happens every so often; I get this itch that needs scratching. A sort of calling. I used to live by the sea, but it started before that; long before. Childhood holidays were always to the seaside in the UK at the height of summer (sunshine not guaranteed, obviously!) You learn to appreciate the coast in all kinds of weather, under all manner of skies from blackest to bluest. Mostly grey, but always interesting. My dream is to be a graceful grey-haired old lady living with H and many cats in a rose-clad cottage on a cliff-top somewhere; lulled to sleep by waves rushing and receding on the shore, and woken in the morning by the seagulls or the distant call of the foghorn.

I digress. Quite a long way, in fact, but that’s what these morning posts are supposed to be about : ) If you’ve never sat on a bench on the seafront and eaten waffles with cream and strawberries and treacle and chocolate sauce and goodness knows what else… well you haven’t lived 😉 (You can see where my problems started, can’t you?!)

Heading off for my run now. Then it’s weigh-in time. Fingers crossed…

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