Making a meal of things

I don’t cook. I take things out of packets and heat them with a certain degree of success, but that’s not the same thing.

Last night I attempted to cook a chicken korma as a sort of celebration for my first week. It actually went rather well, for me – nothing burned, nothing ruined. It was a tasty meal and I enjoyed it whilst watching a film. However, between the enjoyment of something new and the distraction of the film, I forgot to be conscious of how full I was getting. I ate everything, and even though it was well within my points allowance I felt (and still feel, this morning) like I’d eaten a brick. Several bricks, in fact.

Grains do not agree with me. I always forget this. I haven’t eaten grains all week, and suddenly I’m cramming myself with them – no wonder I felt crappy. So a lesson learned the hard way (although without falling off the wagon, which is fortunate). No more grains. Bleagh.

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