Hustle and flow

Feeling a bit bleagh these last couple of days. Having my break from running today, firstly because I’m rather exhausted and secondly because I’ve developed a niggling ankle pain which I don’t want to aggravate. I can’t afford injuries, not now.

I know why I’m feeling bloated and tired. Time of the month is impending, and without fail I first experience a dip in weight, then a dip in energy, then a dip in willpower. I have to be on my guard. That said, I can’t see myself sliding off-plan this month. I’m still in that initial period of focus and enthusiasm of starting a new regime, and I’m hoping that will help carry me through these next 5 days of low mood and high carb cravings. I always wonder how the rest of the women in the world cope with this unwelcome hormone-based intrusion into their normal mindset. I mean it’s such a cliché to want to curl up in a ball and each chocolate for a week, there must be some women out there who don’t go through that every month? Who are they, and how do they do it?!

So I’m going to feel frumpy, bloated and grim for a few days. Excuse me if I whinge a bit, but half the point of this blog is to get all that stuff out so that I don’t try and eat it out instead.

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