My mood is much improved from two days ago. I still feel kind of bloaty, but I know I did really well yesterday with food so I’m not worried. I’ve also racked up 30 activity points already this week.  Speaking of which, I did end up going for a run yesterday after all. I needed the mood boost, and I knew that the previous week the only day I had taken off was Friday so I thought I’d do that again this week. 6 days and then a break seems reasonable to me. That’s 12 miles a week. Plus the weightlifting, plus a couple of walks this week – it all adds up.

Tomorrow we’re taking some friends out for a meal because it’s the guy’s birthday. We’re off to a pub where they do very good food. There are plenty of options for me, and I have worked out my points such that I can eat a full bag of peanut M&Ms when we get home if I so desire. This is an enticement for me not to binge or order things that I shouldn’t while we’re out. Redirecting that sense of entitlement I get when I go out for meals: ‘I never go out, I am entitled to order something nice.’ No, you’re not. However you are entitled to a large bag of chocolate when you get home; how’s that?

We’ll see if it works.

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