Hello world.

So it’s the morning after the night out, and I’m pretty happy with how it went.

We went to a pub restaurant, which had a very nice selection of different kinds of meals. I didn’t go for my usual which would have been salad because last time we ate there I ordered salad and it wasn’t very nice. Anyway. I ordered the 10oz ‘topped’ ribeye steak. It came with mash (I asked for that instead of chips), 2 small onion rings and a bit of salad. The topping was some kind of rich salsa and a layer of very tasty cheese. Wow it was tasty. Afterwards I had half a latte (couldn’t finish it) and for my treat later I had half a bag of M&Ms. I found it hard to reckon the points cost of the meal. I went on my WW app after and did my best to approximate. In the end I added a generous 10-point buffer on top, because I would rather overestimate than under.

I survived it anyway, and the fact that I some how forgot to have lunch yesterday (that NEVER happens usually) helped keep the points down.

Four films to watch today, need lots of fruit to scoff while I veg out.

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