Fancy a quickie?

…a quickie post, that is!

Just to check in and say that all went well, my second weekend on the plan and I made it through a meal out and some intense hormone-related cravings without falling off the wagon. It doesn’t sound like much, but I’m extremely proud of myself, especially considering I watched 4 films yesterday (films/TV are my normal ‘excuse’ for pigging out). The weather was crap, I had work stress in the back of my mind – all the usual trigger points for a binge were evident but I struggled through. I ate about 4 apples and 4 pears, a grapefruit and 2 bananas during the course of the afternoon, just trying to keep those munchies at bay.

Teatime I finished off the pack of udon (wheat-based) noodles I bought as an experiment the other day. I won’t be buying them again. Not only are they a massive 7 points per pack, but they also taste a bit like Playdoh. I’ll stick to my shirataki (yam cake) noodles; they’re 1 point per pack and they are amazingly filling. I’ve used more of my weekly points this week; only 3 left for today and I’ll probably end up dipping into my activity points by the end of the night. That’s okay though. That’s what they’re for.

The scales (I’ve been keeping an eye of them this week as it’s time of the month, just out of interest) have registered a slight dip this morning which is encouraging. If I can just score that half-pound loss this week and hit my first target (209lbs), I will be very chuffed indeed.

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