Second weigh in done this morning, and I have stayed the same this week (209.5lbs or 14st 13.5).

I was expecting this, because of my time of the month striking in the middle of last week. I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit disappointed; however, as an experiment I allowed myself to try on my ‘barometer pants’ this morning, and … well I took some pics that I will upload later, but I have without question changed shape this week. Not only can I make the fastening meet in the middle (no hope of that 2 weeks ago) but they also sit much better on my hips, and my thighs aren’t so ‘sausaged’ into the legs. My hips are also noticeably a different shape.

The scales aren’t everything, and I’m really glad I have been doing the trousers/pics experiment. I’m more motivated than ever to get a good result next week.

Got a night away from home tonight, which will be an interesting test. Have already ensured dinner will be okay, and have plenty of fruit for lunch.


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