Sleepers wake

Made it through last night without messing up. I’m staying with friends, and brought all kinds of fruit with me, plus stir fry vegetables and chicken breast (which is what I usually have). In fact the most unusual thing that happened yesterday was that I ended up going for lunch with some other friends – unexpected as I thought we were just going for coffee. We went for Japanese, and I had miso soup plus a 12-piece nigiri set.

I find estimating the points values of such generic meals really hard. I ended up finding an article on the Weight Watchers site about eating at Yo Sushi (a UK restaurant chain, not where we went yesterday) and took the values from there, adding a few points for good measure. From that perspective, I found Slimming World easier when eating out, as your meat/fish were ‘free’ foods as long as you ate plenty of vegetables with them. Anyway, I didn’t go mad. I had my Peanut M&Ms in the evening as normal, and now just have to get through the rest of the day without cocking up. The worst bit will be when I get back to London and change trains – there are so many tempting stalls at Euston station! I’m a sucker for a warm Cornish Pasty (or was until I read that the ones I used to buy have between 25-35 points EACH!)

I’ll survive.

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