Foreign tongues

Yesterday was not the unmitigated success I had been hoping for. I counted all my points and so forth, but a trip out for lunch with a friend resulted in me succumbing to a rather large white baguette crammed with roast pork and bramley apple sauce. Not exactly health-farm material. I managed to steer myself away from the numerous cakes and other delights that seemed to be everywhere in the market.

The upshot of this is that I’ve got 19 weekly points left to last me today, tomorrow and Monday. Which would be fine, only we’re going to this birthday barbecue on Sunday. I am going to have to be so disciplined. I’m going to try and stick within my points limit (35) today.

I think the thing I have trouble adjusting to is just how long this process will all take. I have to reconcile myself to the fact that sometimes I’m not going to get anywhere fast. Like this week.

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