A weight on my mind

Heading off to get weighed in an hour. I think I’ve actually managed to put weight on this week, despite having stuck to the plan. This is frustrating, but is par for the course with me – it just always seems to take me twice as long to get anywhere as other people, despite being 5 stone overweight. Normally people who are that size start to drop weight very quickly when they stick to a plan; unfortunately for me it doesn’t seem to work that way.

So. How to keep my motivation up when the scales are going to tell me I have gained 2lb this week? How to stop myself from heading off to the supermarket and throwing it all away?

I guess I just have to stick to trying on clothes each week, seeing if the scales are only telling half the story, and enjoying the fact that for the past 3 weeks I have been completely in control of my eating. For me, this is a novelty and a blessing, and is something I should not overlook. That’s 3 weeks without binging, 21 days in full control.

I need a little more patience.

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