A new day

I definitely feel better today. Man, I hate feeling all EMO! I’m normally very positive; if you’ve just tuned in, you’ve just caught me at a bad time.

I’ve been for my first run, and had my eggy pancake breakfast. I’ve started planning my meals ahead of the day so that I know exactly what points I have to play with and can tinker with things as necessary. I’ve taken the executive decision of reducing my daily points – just by 3 – to see if that makes any difference this week.

Another contributory factor in my weight fluctuation and mood issues this week was brought to my attention by H yesterday as I sobbed on his shoulder. A week ago last Sunday I started taking the progestogen only pill, because my previous birth-control (IUD) had to be removed. It hadn’t even occurred to me until H mentioned it, but the pill is famous for having an impact on weight and hormones (obviously) – I just somehow managed to discount this from my thinking. So it’s highly likely I am retaining some extra water due to the changes.

So many things can affect your progress – see what happens when you take your eye off the ball??!

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