Another week begins

Here is my chart from last week:

As you can see, I have stayed within my points every day including yesterday, which was my big day out to the seaside with my good friend. We walked 5.7 miles, quite slowly but in searing 31 degree weather (searing for the UK anyway). I ended up eating very little during the day (just a banana and some melon to get me through the walk) and then had a delicious two-scoop ice cream as a reward at the end of it all, followed by the most magnificent scrambled eggs on toast I had ever eaten. When I got home (after 8pm!) I was bizarrely not hungry so I just had yogurt and some fruit, plus a lot of water to try and replenish my internal supplies.

One of the shitty things about being fat that few people talk about: thigh-chafing. I was in absolute agony all day, despite wearing tights, all because I decided I’d like to wear a summer dress rather than my usual manly shorts and t-shirt. They’re recovering fast thanks to copious application of Sudocrem (the miracle ointment!) but damn… that’s an aspect of being overweight that I could seriously live without.

Anyway, I’m very happy with 70 activity points earned – basically 2 days’ worth of food!

I’m going to get weighed in now. Wish me luck…

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2 Responses to Another week begins

  1. angelapea says:

    Congrats on the awesome earning of activity points!!! Way to go!

    Thigh chafing. Ugh. It does get better when the weight comes off; however, (hate to disappoint you!) it still happens, especially when it’s hot, or if you’re biking, running or doing any sort of exercise! I think the only girls who don’t chafe must be twiggy models with concave thighs.

    Here in Texas where the daily temps are over 100 degrees in the summer, all summer long, I have several solutions for the infernal thigh chafing.

    1. Bike Shorts, the athletic variety made from thick, silky spandex. (NOT the ones with a padded butt, the regular ones.) Better than tights because they are thicker, and you can get them in different lengths from ankle to mid thigh. I wear them under my dresses and business suits in the summer in lieu of panties. They don’t have the awful latex strip like spanx or girdles. I also wear them all the time when exercising, under my shorts.

    2. Wonder Product #1 – Body Glide! Not sure what it’s called where you are. It’s basically lanolin in a stick, like deodorant. Swipe it on liberally over the thighs, bikini line, bra line – anywhere that rubs – before you get dressed, reapply before and after exercise. You get it at athletic stores, usually found with all the ‘running’ equipment.

    3. Wonder Product #2 – Chafing Relief Powder Gel (Monistat brand) – again, not sure what label you’ll find it, but it’s an excellent skin protectant. I keep a tube in my purse for emergencies.

    4. Aftercare – In addition to the Sudocrem (Ah…Desitin here in the US!) lay on bed with icepacks on thighs. Will seriously cause Husband or significant other to laugh at you. Also lets them know that the playground is closed without having to actually tell them to GO AWAY for a while.

    Hope you feel better soon, and do good next week, too!!

  2. antiprism says:

    Wow, thank you very much for your comment – that’s a lot of useful info right there and I’ll definitely see if I can track down some cycle shorts. Tights clearly aren’t thick enough or something. I’ve never heard of Body Glide, I shall do some Googling and see if there’s a UK equivalent. I’d imagine there must be.

    Texas heat is insane (I was lucky enough to pop over there once to San Antonio on business) – I bet you’d laugh at our British notion of a ‘heat wave’ ;- )

    Thanks again; I hope your week is going okay too. x

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