Annie get your gun

Another good day yesterday. Both runs went fine, although the mugginess of the weather isn’t helping. Still, I can’t complain – given that I’ve just clocked it’s almost the end of the month, it’ll be autumn in about 5 minutes and then I’ll be complaining it’s too cold. You just have to put up or shut up, I guess.

One thing I realised yesterday: up to now I’ve been measuring out 350mls of skimmed milk per day and using it for my cups of tea and whatnot. However, if I were to use 3 tablespoons of skimmed milk (more than enough for one cuppa, surely?) then that doesn’t count as any points at all. I would potentially save myself 3 points a day, but still be having about 225mls of milk if I had 5 cuppas. Weird. Anyway. I might do that, but it feels a bit like cheating, even though it isn’t.

Enough waffles for now.

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