Double tired

I think I’ve got fatigue fatigue. Tired of being tired, that kind of thing. This happens every so often, and the only way to get through it (I find) is to do more. Doing less simply results in a spiral of inactivity for me, with the end result being me curled in the foetal position on the sofa demanding IV chocolate. This scenario is to be avoided.

We went for an hour-long walk last night in place of doing our evening run – neither of us could face the treadmill again and I was a bit worried about H as he looked peaky and beyond knackered. The walk was good, with the added benefit of fresh air, nature and conversation. We discussed the idea of breaking up the week like that every time, with our running schedule being 2 runs Mon/Tues/Thu/Fri, 1 run Wed/Sat and Sunday as our day of rest (except we always like to go for a longish walk on Sunday). Following that routine last week resulted in my earning 70 activity pro-points, so I’m quite happy with that.

On with the day.

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