The Dress

I’d like to introduce you to The Dress.

The Dress is a size 14 Aquascutum that I found in a charity shop about 3 years ago. Cost me maybe £4.50. At the time I bought it, I thought ‘This won’t fit me now, but give it a few months…

A familiar story. It’s been languishing in the back of my wardrobe ever since, somehow escaping the frequent culls of ‘things that don’t fit’. I suppose I was to sad to throw it away; as though doing so would signal the end of my hopes for myself in terms of ever reaching a state of happiness with my body.

Last night I tried on The Dress. I got H to take a couple of picture of me looking suitably ridiculous in it (I use the word ‘in’ in the loosest sense, as you’ll see). I had to put it on over my head – there was no way the thing was going over my enormous hips. Behold:

Not a pretty sight, you’ll agree. The back shot gives a particularly delightful overview of my dimply posterior. The zip is done up as far as it would go without straining, and the skirt part wouldn’t go past the top of my pants.

My goal is to be able to step into The Dress, and wear it out somewhere feeling marvellous about myself. At that point I will have achieved a major goal, regardless of what the scales might say.

In other news, the week is going well. I haven’t needed to stray into my weekly points as yet, and I have earned 56 activity points since Tuesday. We have a family gathering to contend with tomorrow. H’s family (like mine) are big on food, it forms the centre of every gathering. It will be a challenge to stay on track but that’s what weekly points are for, I guess.

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