Weekend fun

It’s been a good one, all-in-all. A bit rocky in places, in that H and I have both been craving things we shouldn’t. We have to stop ourselves doing what I call ‘food porn’. It goes something like this:

  • Him: ‘Mmmm.’
  • Me: ‘What?’
  • Him: ‘I was just thinking about soup.’
  • Me: ‘What kind of soup?’
  • Him: ‘Heinz. Vegetable.’ [This is my favourite]
  • Me: ‘Oooh. Yum. With bread?’
  • Him: ‘Yeah. A big loaf of crusty white bread, all floury and thickly sliced.’
  • Me: ‘Mmmm. Still warm from the oven; with butter.’
  • Him: ‘Oh yeah. With cheese…

And so it goes on, with the requisite drooling noises until one of us puts our foot down and changes the subject. I’m sure we’re not alone in this terribly shameful pursuit! Yesterday we had a gathering of half of his siblings and their attendant families. We went to the local pub for Sunday lunch. Eschewing starters, we went straight to the heart of the matter. I ordered the roast beef. It was lean (5pp), and came with 3 medium sized pieces of roast potato (6pp), a minuscule piece of stuffing (2pp) along with broccoli, carrots and 1 small Yorkshire pudding (1pp). This topped off with a small splodge of gravy (2pp). Total: 16pp (according to my estimation). Anyone think I massively miscalculated? I find calculating these ‘generic’ values so bloody hard.

Last day of the week today. A 90 minute walk yesterday earned me another 9 activity points, I’m at 65 right now and by the end of the day should be at 76 or so. I hope I’ve done well this week. I’ve worked bloody hard.

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