Day 3: Promise

Good morning dear reader.

Yesterday afternoon and evening were tough but I made it through. And I am back again today to make my promise. I will not harm myself with food today. I will stick to the plan, just for today, and deal with tomorrow when it comes. I can do this.

Complicating factors today: a social occasion with a good friend who shares my passion for all things food. How will I tackle this? Coffee is my saviour. Decaf latte will come to my rescue. It’s such a treat. My other saviour? It’s you, dear reader. Knowing I would have to come back here and report my failure to you, and go back to day zero… this keeps me straight. I have three clear days without trying to hurt myself. Three days without trying to bring on a sugar-oblivion. It may not seem like much to you, but it’s more than I could ever have imagined at my worst last week. The tallest buildings all start with those first few founding stones. Everything seems like nothing at the start.

But I am on my way.

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